Simplicity Regent Lawn Tractor

Simplicity Lawn Mowers
Simplicity Lawn Tractor Key Features
Simplicity® Lawn Tractors feature the best cutting result using the exclusive Floating™ Mower Deck with full-width rear rollers and pivoting front axle. Our lawn mowers deliver precision cutting performance and the ability to create ballpark-style lawn striping patterns.
Premium mowing features provide you with comfort and ease-of-use. The Suspension Comfort System™, Automatic Controlled Traction™, Quick Hitch™ Deck Removal System, intuitive dash displays and electric height-of-cut adjustment enhance your mowing experience.
Our tractors are built to last with durable components – all-steel hoods and seat pans, long-life engines, transmissions and serviceable arbor and shaft assemblies.
Exclusively sold through local independent servicing dealers, your Simplicity® Dealer will help you find the mower that’s right for you and become your own trusted mowing advisor.



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